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New collaboration with popular UK keto recipe and app creator

New collaboration with popular UK keto recipe and app creator
Since she began eating a keto diet in 2011, Martina Slajerova has become a well-known name in the keto world for her delicious recipes, her 10 best-selling keto cookbooks, and her popular KetoDiet App that she co-founded with her partner.

Diet Doctor is delighted to announce an exciting new collaboration with Martina that includes nine recipes from her three latest cookbooks, The New Mediterranean Cookbook; Simple Keto; and Beginners Keto.

Martina has a devoted following for her inspiring, creative, and delicious recipes. We are so pleased to be able to share some of her creations to our Diet Doctor audience, said Jill Wallentin, head of recipes for Diet Doctor.

The subtitle of the Mediterranean cookbook is The optimal keto-friendly diet that burns fat, promotes longevity, and prevents chronic disease and it was co-written with scientists and health professionals Dr. Nick Norwitz, Thomas Delauer, and Rohan Kashid.

Mediterranean diets and ketogenic diets are often cast as mutually exclusive, but they are perfectly complementary styles of eating. You CAN have the best of both worlds, Martina said.

The three recipes shared from The New Mediterranean Cookbook are a wild mushroom chicken risotto, made with cauliflower rice and porcini mushrooms; a Spanish scramble featuring eggs, tomatoes, chard, and chorizo; and a superfood salmon salad bowl, featuring wild salmon, capers, avocado, and kalamata olives.

The two recipes from the Simple Keto are single-serve baked egg pots and the easiest fish salad. Both are fast, uncomplicated meals featuring common ingredients people often have on hand. The baked egg pots feature two eggs combined with feta, chorizo, cherry tomatoes, and fresh spinach baked in a ramekin.

The easiest fish salad features canned tuna (or any other canned fish you like) tossed with fresh romaine, arugula, avocado, cucumber, and olives with an optional hard-boiled egg with a Dijon vinaigrette.

The four recipes from Beginners Keto are summer asparagus and halloumi salad, Greek keftedes bowls, Greek butterflied sea bass, and Salisbury steak with quick mash.

Born and raised in the Czech Republic, Martina has a degree in economics and was working as a financial auditor in Prague when she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism in 2011.

Seeking to improve her health and energy, she found information about the keto diet. She cut out all sugar, starches, grains, and processed food and saw her weight and symptoms rapidly improve.

What started as a personal quest for better health turned into a passion and an exciting, successful career helping others, including creating the KetoDiet App with her partner.

We know our readers will love Martina’s delicious low-carb and keto creations.

Martina’s new recipes

Meal plan

Low carb: Mediterranean week with Martina Slajerova

This exclusive meal plan is composed by the keto queen Martina Slajerova. It features Mediterranean-inspired, low-carb recipes with fresh ingredients like fish, chard, garlic, herbs, and olive oil.

The recipes in this meal plan are handpicked by Diet Doctor’s recipe team from Martina’s bestselling cookbooks: The New Mediterranean Cookbook, Simple Keto, and Beginners Keto.

Full meal plan →

  • Wild mushroom chicken risottoMon

    dd plus icon
  • Superfood salmon salad bowlTue

    dd plus icon
  • Greek low-carb Keftedes bowls with tzatzikiWed
  • Summer asparagus and halloumi saladThu
  • The easiest fish saladFri
  • Taverna style Greek butterflied sea bassSat
  • Sautéed chicken livers with creamy cauli mashSun

Martina’s books

Click on the pictures if you would like to read more about or buy the books on Amazon.

Diet Doctor receives no payment or other considerations from the sale of Martinas’s cookbooks or the publishing of this post.


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