Bio-hacking my way to an Arnold Body

At 58 I’m really having fun seeing just how much I can bio-hack my body. I see guys my age and old looking really tight/bulky. While I’ve been living a ketogenic lifestyle for three years now. I’ve only started on this journey to bio-hack my physical image 5 months ago. It’ll be fun to share […]

#1 Powerhouse Nutrient 95% of Americans Don’t Eat Enough Of

Centenarians in the blue zones, the longest-lived people in the world, aren’t trying to eat “healthy” or live to 100—they aren’t counting calories or reading food labels—they simply eat what is local, in season, and readily available. Unfortunately, the reality for many of us is the overly processed, colorfully packaged, sugar-saturated Standard American Diet.  Kathy […]

Paleo vs. Keto: Which Diet Is Right for You?– Hunter and Gather Foods

The paleo and ketogenic diets often get confused. Both diets eliminate grains and refined sugar, focus on real, whole foods, and are typically lower in carbohydrates than other diets. Yet, there are clear distinctions between the two.  Below, we explain the similarities and differences between paleo vs. keto. We’ll look at what each diet is […]

Keto Diet Cheese: 5 Types to Eat and 5 Types to Avoid | Everyday Health

The ketogenic diet, or the keto diet for short, is a high-fat (70 to upwards of 80 percent), moderate-protein, and low-carb diet. A common goal on the plan: to change your body’s biochemistry and, in turn, lead to weight loss. “Following a ketogenic diet changes your fuel source from one that primarily burns carbohydrates to one […]