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12 Useful reasons to never throw out pickle juice

12 Useful reasons to never throw out pickle juice

Not sure what to do with that leftover brine from the pickle jar? Don’t throw it out just yet! You’ll be delighted to know that there’s a way out of this pickle of a situation (ha!). There are varieties of ways to make use of the brine, ranging from home remedies to spicing up your recipes. You can even use it to make more pickles! The only thing you should remember is to check for molds and for the taste so you can adjust the brine accordingly.

So hold on to your brines, people! Here are 12 reasons pickle juice should never be poured down the drain.

1. Use it to make more pickles!

Bring the leftover store-bought or homemade brine to a boil then add in some fresh garlic and some pickling spices. Pour it over in a clean jar of cucumber slices, onions, or even peeled boiled eggs. You’ll never buy pickle juice again! Check out this quick pickle recipe!

2. Clean your coppers and pans with it

Not only can you use pickle brine as you would a cooking wine in terms of deglazing your pan, but you can also use it to sparkle up your wares. You can scrub off the blackened sides of copper pans and grill tops. Those pesky charred crusts will be a thing of the past.

3. Weed out the invaders

The high vinegar content and the briny properties of pickle juice made it a household name for gardeners. Common weeds like dandelions and thistle will wither away, giving your plants that much wanted room to grow. The best parts about it are: it’s pet-friendly, organic, and you probably already have it in the fridge.

4. Spice up your recipes

Marinate meats in this briny glory for that tender finish. Steam veggies with pickle juice instead of boring water. Add it as vinaigrettes or dressings in salads or use it as a vinegar substitute. You can even mix it in with olive oil, put it in a squeezy bottle, and drizzle it over sandwiches. These are just some of the creative ways to upcycle the brine.

5. Stop the hiccups

While there’s little scientific evidence to support this claim (because scientists have other more important things to do), people claim that this homegrown remedy works like a charm. Come on, there’s no harm in trying. This is just pickle juice!

6. Pickle up the cocktail

You have no idea how versatile pickle juice is when it comes to cocktails. It goes well with a glass of martini or gibson. And if you’re really bad at handling hangovers and you need that little hair of the dog, you can mix it in with your Bloody Mary or michelada.

7. Treat a hangover

Now, speaking of hangovers, pickle juice is a widely known folk remedy to ease you out of the headache. It helps you in rehydration as it replenishes your sodium levels. Some people even take a shot of pickle juice just before heading out for drinks to prevent alcohol-induced dehydration in the first place.

8. Relieve an upset stomach

To add to the list of pickle juice as home remedies, that briny water contains sodium, potassium, and vinegar, whose antimicrobial properties can assist in relieving the symptoms. It might be too intense of a flavor if you drink it by itself, you can add in some water to help it go down better.

9. Make it your workout buddy

When you’re sweating it out in the gym, you’re losing those much-needed fluids and electrolytes. If you don’t replace it, this will lead to dehydration. Some health and wellness experts recommend pickle juice as a post-workout refreshment since the brine is loaded with antioxidants, nutrients, and electrolytes.

10. Keep your sidewalks snow-free

Winters can clog up your walkways overnight and it’s important to de-ice important spots in the house to make sure they’ll be in peak working condition. According to CNN, pickle juice is one of many natural and environment-friendly alternatives that people are testing to do this job.

11. Reduce heartburn

Along with preserving those vegetables and brining them with flavor, pickle juice seems to have the same health benefits as vinegar. It’s particularly effective in soothing heartburn symptoms and can also help in regulating blood sugar spikes.

12. Eliminate bad breath

It might give you a sour face when you drink pickle juice but your breath will smell a bit sweeter. Bacteria in your mouth can cause bad breath but fortunately, pickle juice has antibacterial properties.

When you’re munching on that last cucumber pickle, remind yourself to not dump the brine into the sink. These are just twelve ways to use pickle juice and we have to say, that’s a lot of practical ways that will get you out of a pickle.

Check out the video below for some great ideas for putting that leftover brine to use!

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Elijah Chan is a contributor at Home Hacks.

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